Chairs, Sofas and Furniture

Our company employ’s only the best technicians who are experienced & knowledgeable about cleaning chairs, sofas and furniture. We use the most advanced equipment & examine your upholstery to ensure the best cleaning method is chosen. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction!

Chairs, Sofas and Furniture

Professional upholstery cleaning services will make your sofas look as good as new by removing
stains and harmful materials from your furniture. Such services are available for vinyl and leather
furniture, as well as different types of fabric upholstery, so if your furniture looks “lived on”, here
is what you can do about it.

How to Keep Your Sofas Clean?
Chairs, sofas and furniture benefit from professional cleaning services, and for the best results,
you are advised to make your own cleaning routine. For furniture that are used daily, dust off dirt
and use a vacuum to peak up particles that get on and into upholstery.
Afterward, use a leather lotion of special leather soap to clean leather furniture. Carefully read
instructions before you begin the clean up to make sure you will not cause damages to the leather.
With fabric upholstery, you can mix 1-part laundry detergent with 4 parts of water until they are
well combined.
Spread the mixture on the stains, wait for 10-15 minutes, and scrape it off. Wait until the
upholstery is dry to see the cleanup results.

Professional Sofa Cleaning Services
Vacuuming your furniture once a week, and thoroughly cleaning them once every several months
will remove obvious stains. But, for hard-to-remove materials and stains, and for longer lasting
results, you need professional upholstery deep cleaning services.
Professional cleaning technicians will use the best and most suitable cleaning materials on your
furniture for deep cleaning of even the hardest stains. Professional cleaning technicians will also
check your upholstery to choose the best cleaning materials and methods.

Along with industrial strength cleaning materials, as well as steam and dry cleaning, your
upholstery will look brand new. Also, professional upholstery cleaning will remove allergens and
harmful particles and bacteria that get deep into furniture, so your upholstery will be clean on the
outside as well as on the inside.

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Chairs, Sofas and Furniture

Do you have pets? Do your kids like to play outside? Paint on the floor? Did water get spilled on your
sofa? If dirt, bacteria, dust, stains, bad odors are a problem – Hire a professional upholstery cleaning
service and make your home feel fresh!!!

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Edi Miller
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