Sewage Clean-up

Fresh cleaning services employs professional, experienced and knowledgeable technicians. Our
technicians use the most advanced machinery, specialized tools and products necessary to clean a
sewage back-up and sanitize the area.

Sewage Clean-up

Sewage backup can cause property damages, health problems, and it is one of the most
unpleasant and foul problems that home owners have to deal with. Sewage removal is the
only solution with sewage backup, and it is important to recognize the problem and deal with
it professionally.

Sewage backup – what problems does it cause?
Sewage backup causes quite a few problems that need to be addressed as quickly as
    ● Water damage – when water backs up, it stands still and causes property damages;
standing water helps cause mold to form, it can ruin carpeting, tiles, and other items in
your home. The water damage can be prevented with water removal process that will
keep water from accumulating and standing still.
    ● Health problems – sewage backup can cause health issues due to the contaminants
that sewer water contains. When inhaled, the contaminants can cause breathing
problems, and contact with sewage can lead to diseases.
    ● Esthetic problems – sewage backup is an unpleasant sight and it causes a foul smell
in the house that negatively affects the quality of life in the household.

What is the best sewage cleanup solution?
Sewage cleanup can prevent damages and health problems, which is why it is important to
do it the right way. To perform water removal and sewage cleanup, you need protection gear,
special cleanup machines, and a deep understanding of the home’s sewage and water

Needless to say, that most people do not have the equipment and know-how to deal with
sewage backup. With 9 years of experience in residential and commercial service, Fresh
Cleaning Services can provide you with a professional water cleanup service whenever
necessary. Our professional and experienced team uses the very best equipment to get rid of
sewage backup and find the cause of the problem. With Fresh Cleaning Services, you and
your home will be in good hands, and the sewage problems will be solved as quickly as

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Sewage Clean-up Services

Sewage back-up should be considered an emergency due to the risk of the water being infected with
bacteria, viruses and similar health risks, so if you have a sewage is back-up and need an emergency
clean-up – Fresh Cleaning Services are here for you!

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Edi Miller
Edi Miller
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Amazing Service, arrived exactly on the agreed time, very thorough, cleaned the air duct, dryer vent, organic deodorizer, cleaning the drain line, all at an excellent price. highly recommended!
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Fabulous job! very thorough, the place already feels completely different
Thanks a lot Regards
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A well done job! Very satisfactory, I was very impressed with the speed and quality of the work. Thank you very much